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​Are you in need? Do you know someone in need? Ballroom Beauty Recycled Formal Wear wants to help as many people as possible.  Anyone can apply to receive a donation however struggling youth, teen moms and educational support will be the highest priority.  Unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate all requests but we will try our best.  We do not hand out money only donations e.g. clothing, furniture, prom dresses, socks, food...

What have we done?

  • Given away LOTS of prom & grad dresses ​to girls who could not afford dresses

  • Hosted a wedding for a women who's father was passing of Cancer 

  • Gave away a wedding dress to a women who showed strength during her struggles 

  • Gave away items to a family who gained emergency custody of a child 

  • Offered free photo shoots to encourage self esteem (thank you Crystal White Head Photography)

  • Provided hair and makeup services to girls who could not afford for prom/grad 

  • Collected and delivered furniture to 7 local families who moved out of shelters

  • Provided diapers and food to families in financial crisis 

  • Sent 4 kids to camp

  • Assisted with City of Kawartha Lakes Family Gala 

  • Provided marketing info for other Non-Profits 

  • Supported the Pregnancy Center with finances and baby items

  • Supported A Place Called Home with food, clothing, pots, pans etc. 

  • Supported schools in our area 

  • Assisted families through our Christmas Program 
  • Donated a ton of clothing to Vicky's Values 


I am sure there are things we are missing!  We wouldn't be able to have done so much with out so much support from our community!

                                            Thank you!

Donate Today!

Do you have a wedding dress, prom or formal dress that you would like to donate? Or maybe you have some spare time, are good at knitting or sewing and would like to help out! Contact me today! Everyones skills are welcome no matter how big or small! We also accept financial donations.


List of items Ballroom Beauty is in search of!

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Wedding Items

  • Accessories

  • Shoes

  • Formal Dresses

  • Prom Dresses

  • Purses

  • Hair Accessories

  • Vails

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Ballroom Beauty Recycled Formal Wear Prom and Grad Assistance for Struggling Teens

Nicole Carruthers


Nicole is dedicated to seeing the vision grow! She also operates Belle of the Ball and Paint the Kawarthas

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Katherine Stevens

General Officer

Katherine continuously assists in events, planning and the background work that is a crutial task.