Ballroom Beauty either SELLING or CLOSING as of Feb 22, 2020.

This decision has not been taken lightly. We have thought long and hard and have come to clarity on what to do. While we are sad about the closure or potential sale, we are also super excited for the next steps in God's plans on opening a faith based housing unit for young mothers that has education and counselling onsite in Kawartha Lakes in an effort to break the chain of teen pregnancy and poverty.

The BIG dream is STILL alive!

Let us share with you how we came to the conclusion to close/sell and why we are not viewing this as a failure in any way.

- This is a cost vrs. benefit thing and the currency is TIME not money. At this point our time would be better spent on focusing on the BIG goal. Do we have a plan? Yes. We absolutely do!

- Ballroom Beauty was designed to create sustainable income to reach our BIG goal. While we have been blessed to be able to do a TON in the community it is not realistic to be able to reach that goal at this point.

- Launching Ballroom Beauty was a HUGE learning curve that was a massive step in the right direction. We learned how to launch a corporation, what is needed to maintain, our own personal strengths and weaknesses, how to operate financially, how to deal with conflict resolution, we made incredible connections within the City of Kawartha Lakes and so much more.

- Through this journey we have been able to fill homes of families moving out of shelters, supported other organizations financially and with tangible donations, sent kids to camp, supported lower income working families at Christmas time, gave away prom/grad dresses, hosted a wedding for a bride who's father was passing of cancer, stepped in for emergency needs, provided school supplies, launched the pillow fight to raise pillows for shelters... there are so many incredible things that we have been blessed to be able to accomplish.

- We built valuable trust in the community.

- Bible studies were hosted in our space and people came to Christ.

- We offered a space were members of our community could come to for emotional support, we listened, we hugged and sometimes we even cried with them.

- We got to celebrate with so many people as they said yes to the dress.

As stated above at this point we are not viewing this as a failure and are super excited for the future. Please respect our decision as it has been thought on long and hard.

So what is the immediate plan?

- Firstly, NO bride or bridesmaids will not get their dresses. EVERYONE will be taken care of. Those on payment plans or with orders outstanding will STILL receive their dresses. We will actually still be taking orders up to the date of closer/sale, the only thing that will change is that other arrangements will be made to pick up dresses at a different location.

- All funds remaining after expenses and a tiny amount of debt paid will go into trust with a time frame of 10 years from the date BALLROOM launched. Our original launch goal was to open the housing unit from the time we launched was 10 years. If after the 10 years the goal has not been completed or near ALL funds remaining plus interest will be donated to another local charity or non-profit.

- We will give one week for anyone interested in purchase to express interest. After Jan 13th we will be dropping our prices and begin the liquidation process. Please watch our Facebook & Instagram page for updates.

- Our FREE Prom and Grad dress program will remain in effect till closure/sale.

- We have not fully decided what we are doing with any remaining inventory at this point however we are entertaining a few ideas and need to make some calls in the event that we do not sell.

- We will ONLY sell to someone who we believe will continue to make an impact in our community and to someone who is a good fit. We are currently in talks with a company but it is not in stone yet.

A Personal Note from Sarah

I am so incredibly thankful for this journey and for all the support that we have received. While I am saddened, I am also incredibly excited for the future. Ballroom Beauty has been a stepping stone and a huge learning curve in so many ways. I will forever remember the time we have spent and the memories created. I will not be taking my initial financial investment back. That money will be going into trust with any other funds generated from the closure/sale. At this time I feel our efforts need to be on the end goal and while Ballroom Beauty played an important role it is time to move on and refocus on the task at hand.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude from those who have supported, volunteered and donated. Please be sure that although Ballroom Beauty will change your support in our vision has not fallen short. If anything it has strengthened the desire to complete the dream.

The dream of opening a housing unit is my top priority and the one I feel God has called me to do. My trust and faith are in God's plans not my own. While I did not envision this as part of the course I fully understand and recognize that this is part of the process and for that I am thankful.

For anyone that would like to follow our progress in our housing development or keep updated please follow Hope 4 the Hill


Sarah Williams

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