A Knight and His Princess POSTPONED

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Don't panic! We have simply postponed A Knight and His Princess. It WILL come back but we would like to fill you in on why we decided to delay it this year! Please read below!

Quality is our goal!

We had the most incredible events person you could imagine. Her name was Rebekah Willis. She had to step back from this unpaid position to focus on her employment and her family. We totally support her in this decision as family does come first. With that being said Carrol and Sarah do not have the ability to run the store AND plan these incredible events to the same standard. We are on the hunt for a new events person and are in the process of interviews but unfortunately will not have enough time to maintain the level of excellence and chose to postpone it. When we do announce our new date, rest assured that we will strive to create the same magical experience as years before.

Focusing on MAJOR goals

Ballroom Beauty was originally launched to raise funds to open a housing unit for young pregnant/postpartum women with counselling, education and childcare onsite. We have officially launched into the research and planning of our big goal. Right now Carrol runs the store and Sarah is working on this big project but is also delayed due to a hand injury that is causing many issues. It is hard to even write at the moment or type. This process is incredibly challenging and requires a massive amount of effort, research and prayer.

As of write now it is mostly Carrol and Sarah who share the load. However, we are working on expanding our board and finding people to distribute tasks. We are excited for this new phase!

We feel very strongly that in order to reach the goals put on our hearts that it is incredibly important not to loose focus.

The Future

We are very excited for the future! Many incredible things are happening behind the scenes. Please do not loose faith in us! We thank all of you for your support and we will announce as soon as a date and time are selected!

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we move forward!

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